Where I Belong

from Peaceful Transfer of Power


  • Where I Belong

Stand up when you know what’s right.  Make a decision to stay in the light.  There are so many people that want to dive into your soul. They’re closer than you know.  Don’t be surprised when it’s one of your good friends and they lose all self control.

Jesus is who he said he was.  Evolution don’t explain the cause like He can.  Why not take a stand and have faith, find grace and share a little love today?  Just take me back where I belong.

Stand up when you know it’s right.  Hold position here in the light with every reason to stand up for what you believe.  What I believe is Jesus is who he said he was…

Wake up and you get it right, from darkness into the light. This is what I have to be.  We gotta get it right, if we can find the light, we can be free.

Share a little love today.