Honest to God

from Peaceful Transfer of Power


  • Honest to God

Honest to God, I’m looking back on 40 years that went by too fast.  If I’m Honest to God, I could’ve done better.  Look for a way that comes through faith, admitting we’ll make some mistakes.  If we’re Honest to God, it couldn’t be clearer.

You knew it all along that we (I) would fall, find our (my) way back to the place where we (I) can be Honest to God.  We can be Honest to God.

Try to give back more than you take.  This is for Heaven’s sake and I am only here to let you resonate.  You know I’m broken in so many places.  You fill that space with truth, so we can be Honest to God.  I want to be closer and Honest to God until this over.  So we fall down, we get back up.

Honest to God, I’m looking forward to 40, or maybe more years till I can say thanks for letting me play for you.