The personal bio is something that has always eluded me. I’ve asked others to write one and I have written a few. They were all shameless attempts at self-promotion.  The fact remains, one must be written, so this my attempt.

That path to where I am began with early exposure to piano, guitar and barbershop music. My first recording session was at Six Flags, summer of 1988. ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ was way out of my vocal range, but the headphones were a perfect fit.

The next year I was in a real band. I played a Casio porta-sound through my uncle Dave’s Custom PA. By then I had my own microphone duct taped to a broken broom handle that was stabbed into a hay bale. I could adjust the height and the angle. My brother’s kit had an oil pan drum tied with binder twine and we rehearsed in the guitar player’s barn.  We performed in and around St. Louis, but Kennedy’s on The Landing was always the most favored venue.

In college I was fortunate to perform in a band that was hired to tour US military bases. We travelled to many countries over a two year period, performing for our service men and women. The following years were dotted with acoustic and band performances around the Midwest, culminating in a tour in November 2004.

In January of 2005, my wife and I heard we would soon be parents. The next 10 years offered the occasional opportunity to write and perform, but the dream had resolved into reality. The death of the ego at the hands of my children was eminent.

The decision to re-emerge on the music scene required a serious look in the mirror.  What I found was that I am a singer of songs inspired by honest observation and the need for free therapy. My best works are still found beside a fire with friends and family.